Customized internet or intranet applications

Together with you, I will develop your idea to the exact requirements needed. I will turn this concept into a user-friendly application based on the latest technology, and will then manage your new project from implementation through maintenance.

Whether you need a simple or a complex website; a content management system or an online shop; an intranet application to help streamline your business; database design, data exchange, conversion work; or you want to use an extranet application to connect to external staff or to partner companies: I will find the optimal solution for you.

Trusted expertise

I have been developing database applications for over 20 years, and web based applications for over 10 years, working for agencies as well as end customers from many sectors.

Certified by Adobe, I occasionally give ColdFusion trainings.

Depending on the needs of a project, I either work alone or as part of a team, an arrangement which has proved to be very successful because of high flexibility and low costs. The team consists of several other database experts, programmers, and designers.

Adobe ColdFusion

To develop database driven websites, I use the ColdFusion platform. ColdFusion was the first true application server for internet applications. To this day, complex projects can be developed faster and with greater cost-effectiveness, and can be maintained more easily with ColdFusion than with other systems.

ColdFusion is continuously being improved by its parent company, Adobe Systems. The ColdFusion engine is based on J2EE, and is Java compatible. More than 300,000 developers at over 10,000 companies worldwide rely on ColdFusion to build quickly and deploy powerful Internet applications, making ColdFusion one of the most widely adopted web technologies in the industry.

ColdFusion Sites - a collection of links to ColdFusion sites

Gartner Inc. about ColdFusion (PDF)

For ColdFusion skeptics

A Java/Ruby Developer Appreciates ColdFusion

PHP vs. ColdFusion

Complex software needs to be carefully structured. I use an application framework called Fusebox to ensure that my ColdFusion code can be easily maintained by other developers in the future. Fusebox is also essential for teams of module developers.


"We are impressed with how flexibly and creatively you realised our ideas. Your questions and suggestions were essential for the positive outcome."
AXA Service AG


"Michael Peters is an excellent partner. Praise for the cooperation with him, and a big recommendation."



"Mr. Peters' quotations and calculations are always fair and reliable. He quickly understands the technical project background. This allows him to actively contribute to the project planning, creating the basis for a very efficient cooperation, yielding to high quality results in a very short time. When developing software for us, Mr. Peters applied special care to user friendliness which allowed for an intuitive usability even of complex applications. His software support is very reliable - questions and problems that might arise are quickly solved."

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Energie- und Wasserverwendung
im VKU


"Mr. Peters comprehends quickly, and solves problems on his own initiative."
Medien:Communications GmbH


"We were very pleased with Mr. Peters' work. This was of special importance for this project because in its early stages, we could not completely foresee our requirements. Mr. Peters' competent, flexible, and friendly way of dealing with our problems was very helpful in discussions with the staff council, and paved the way to a successful project completion which satisfied all parties involved."

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